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I like going to the source of things and not just rely on what others say about something. Therefore, when looking for what culture my ancestors grew up in in 19th C Cornwall, I looked for books on that subject and found some classics.

I rely on William Bottrell, Robert Hunt, Margaret Coutney, and A K Hamilton Jekin the most. But there are lots of other books and there are gems in Enys Tregarthern and Ruth Manning–Sanders. Even Rudyard Kipling has a bittersweet contribution.

I was also fortunate to run across a microfilm at the Sate University of New York of Moses Pitts story of Ann Jeffries of Cornwall. I also found a very obscure work on the legendary island of Ictus and the ancient Cornish tin trade.

I found some interesting legends about Josepg of Arimethea and the boy jesus preaching to Cornish miners, in Cornwall. Of course, these may be legend, but they are interesting and food for speculative thought.

I have correct some errors, eliminated some titles, and added others. The bibliography is arranged with books with no authors first followed by books arranged by author last name.

Cornwall Map

Bibliograpghy of Cornish Folklore and Culture



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