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These images below are thumbnail images. Click on a thumbnail to load the full size version which resides at The University of Sweden.

The full size images can be very large. Even the thumbnails are large enough to be usable.

You can right–click either the thumbnail or full size image and save a copy to your system. Please do this if you want a copy. Please do not reference this page on Gandolf dot Com in an anchor tag; use your copy instead.

Tim Kirk’s paintings display a soft attention to detail that is of interest to me. They are well posed. I do wish there were more examples of Tim Kirk’s Tolkien work. I use the picture of Gandalf on my Gandolf page to explain to Tolkien fans Why ‘GANDOLF’ and not ‘GANDALF’? (I still get e–mail from people asking why I misspell Gandalf’s name.)

The following artwork appeared in A Tolkien Treasury ISBN 0–89471–704–9.

Horizontal Rule

Frodo Meditates

This painting appears in A Tolkien Treasury.


Gandalf and Bilbo

Gandalf visits Bilbo at Bilbo’s home in Bag–end.

This painting appears in A Tolkien Treasury.

[I also use this image (doctored up with PhotoShop Magick) on my Gandolf page]

The Fellowship of the Ring


The Last Shore

This painting appears in A Tolkien Treasury.

The Return of the King


The Riddle Game

Bilbo and Gollum riddle each other on the shores of the dark, underground lake.

This painting appears in A Tolkien Treasury.

The Hobbit

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