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Celtic Figures Graphics

Celtic Figure Graphics
Celtic Figures Graphics

These images represent the Celtic fascination with intertwined human figure designs. Some of these (wil–10.gif and wil–11.gif) are taken from initials.

Again, all of the Wilson drawings are published in black and white; I have arbitrarily colored them.

The thumbnail represents a 60 pixel representative portion of the design. The size of the full scale image is also given in pixels, width by height. The reference is to the original work from which it is scanned, and the page (usually).

Thumbnail Reference Pixels w x h
wil-08 Wilson 08 299 x 233
wil-09 Wilson 09 441 x 264
wil-10 Wilson 10 186 x 287
wil-11 Wilson 11 186 x 245
wil-12 Wilson 12 155 x 254

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