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Celtic Cross Graphics

Celtic Cross Graphics
Celtic Cross Graphics

These images represent some Celtic cross designs. Actually, as implemented, these are more designs found on some Celtic crosses, rather than the cross itself. The design, wil–23.gif is really a knotwork design in the shape of a Christian cross, sort of.

The thumbnail represents a 60 pixel representative portion of the design. The size of the full scale image is also given in pixels, width by height. The reference is to the original work from which it is scanned, and the page (usually).




Pixels w x h

oj-63-01 Owen Jones 63 01 249 x 249
oj-63-02 Owen Jones 63 02 423 x 414
oj-63-03 Owen Jones 63 03 245 x 247
oj-63-04 Owen Jones 63 04 270 x 256
oj-63-05 Owen Jones 63 05 370 x 607
wil-23 Wilson 23 210 x 335


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