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FAQ: Gandolf dot com

Here you will find answers to some of the questions you may have about Gandolf dot com.

Q: Why Cornish folklore?
A: My father’s side comes from Cornwall. My grandfather was born in Cornwall and came to the US just after the Civil War with his dad. I wanted more than names and dates when doing some family history. I found that stories that are told to kids is often an effective way to tell what their culture was like.

I found the Cornish stories to be charming; they have a special type of humor and groundedness to them. There are many Irish, Scottish, and English folktales on the web, and so we added one on Cornish legends and tales.

Q: Can I search Gandolf dot com for a specific village or any term, really?
A:Yes. Near the top of each page is a search box. Just type in what you want to find and we will give you a list of all the pages that have that term. Just click on the title of the page you want to view it.
Q: There’s a link in the page reference footnote link after each story. What is that?
A: It’s a link to the author on our bibliography page.
Q: Where do some of these words come from?
A: These stories are from 19th Century and 20th Century texts. Some word are obsolete today, archaic by modern standards. Some words have archaic or British meanings outside of the normal meanings you might expect. Some are Cornish words; similar to Welsh. Some are Cornish dialect where the author tried to give the phonetic–sounding version of Cornish speech.

Words that have a yellow dotted underline have definitions you can see without leaving the page by holding your mouse over the word.

Q: Why the spell book? Why the black screen where words appear when I hover over a name on the open spell book?
A: This is an allusion to an old graphical video game Myst. In that game, sometimes pictures would appear in a book as if it were a portal into somewhere else, and it usually was. It’s our version of such a portal to take you to parts of our web site.
Q: What are the "Previous" and "Next" links all about?
A: Gandolf dot com’s stories and pages are in a logical order. These next and previous links will take you to the appropriate story so you can just surf through the web site this way, if you wish.
Q: What’s the "You are here" deal?
A: This is breadcrumb navigation. It allows you to see the hierarchy of the story or page you are on. Clicking on a higher level breadcrumb will take you to that page.
Q: Some of the pages say "NEW". What’s this?
A: When we migrated from static HTML to Worpdress, I kept all of the original pages as close to the original as possible, correcting mistakes being the exception.

New pages are ones we have added after the migration. We intend to keep the notice for about six months after the page is new, and then the notice will disappear. If you read a lot of pages while you’re here and come back in a few months, you may see some new pages and this will help you recognize them as new.

Q: What are the links to Amazon about?
A: These links are to appropriate books you can buy on Amazon. We get a small fee if you buy a book from Amazon using our links. That helps pay the bills and keep the lights on.
Q: Tell me about the gray links at the top of most pages?
A: These are the links to the main pages on Gandolf dot com. These are all index pages in effect; that is, pages with links to stories of other content. There would be too many to include every link in the gray system. Use them for drilling down to where you want to be. The footer links contain these same links, so you can use them as well.
Q: Why Gandolf?
A: We started this site in February 1996. The domain name ending with "alf" was already taken. We improvised and created a heretofore unknown twin brother Gandolf. It worked for me. See our Gandolf, the other page for all the details about the brother.
Q: What about the images, especially on the folklore pages?
A: I have always pictured the "wee folk" or the "small people" differently than many. I don’t see them as babies or small children; I see them more like the pictures we have. We had fun with it; I hope you enjoy them as well. I certainly could understand if you think otherwise. I greatly respect the stories and look to do what supports their keeping.

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