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I Am That Am I
Gandolf and Gandalf

"Tomorrow Determines Today"
Abednego Tregarthen Comment:

Gandolf and Gandalf

Tregarthen Comment

I Am That Am I

This will be a complex subject that requires some background material.If, as Gandolf experiences, the infinite is one, then it follows that there is nothing separate from the one. The one that is the universe and its context is all pervasive. In contrast will be the idea that God will have a domain of good and the Evil One will have the domain of bad, and that good and evil struggle in an eternal battle. In Gandolf's experience, this is not God. Any being or energy that must be separate from God makes God not–God, by definition.

If there is nothing separate from God, then we are not separate from God, nor are we separate from each other. What we will call objective reality is not separate from us—it is us.

Gandolf will carry this one step further, a step strange to the western mind, and identify the true nature of God as the pure subjective experience of Self. The true nature of all is one, and that one is the subjective experience of I, and not anything objective, That.

In Gandolf's experience, the pure subjective I that is all is omnipotent, has unlimited power, and has the ability to separate its consciousness into I and Other, I and That. Thus, the monistic I is capable of assuming the role of dualistic I and Other Than I.

Gandolf will experience his essential Self in others as I am That. Equally, he will experience that others' Self is identical to his own, there is ultimately only one Self, as That Am I. Gandolf identifies the true understanding of the names Gandalf and Gandolf to be I Am That and That Am I. Their names utter their basic principle.

Gandolf will be familiar with the Hebrew mystical teachings, and the sacred name I am that I am or I am, which expresses the same idea.

From these teachings flow several interesting corollaries:

it is impossible to harm another without harming one's self
it is impossible to harm one's self without harming all others
it is impossible to benefit another without benefiting one's self
it is impossible to benefit one's self without benefiting all others

These, coupled with the experience that good and evil must remain in balance in the everyday world of duality, and that one may not increase one side at the expense of the other, will lead Gandolf and Gandalf to a very high understanding of their place in the universe.